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It is NOT another Sales Motivation book.

It is NOT a book about getting more customers - though it will help you generate a lot more sales than you could possibly imagine...even if you don't find a single new customer for an entire year!

It is NOT a book about Sales Attitude or Selling Techniques.

It is NOT a book about Sales Persuasion or Negotiation.


It is NOT a Beginner's Book.

"A Salesperson's Honeymoon" is a SHORTCUT

This is NOT a book about “How To Sell Without Even Trying”... but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more sales than you’re making currently at half the amount of effort you're putting in right now.

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Because this is a book about how everyone can use the power of ONE SECRET SALES GROWTH PRINCIPLE called "SALESMOONCURVE" in a way, never used before to get make more sales and sell your products at premium prices... no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, low profits, lack of quality customers, or aggressive discounts thrown by competitors… This is the book that will change the game for you



SalesMoonCurve is one of the most unconventional and an unique formula that could possibly change everything you know about generating a massive spike in sales.

Allow me to explain you about "SalesMoonCurve" with a principle called:

The Gate Principle of Work

Assume The Gate as per the above image weighs around 100 Kg / 220 Lbs 

Now, imagine you are opening the right-hand side of the gate by holding on the area which is marked in GREEN (Check the image above)

That’s normal.

Everyone opens it that way — Cool!

Now, imagine you are opening the gate by holding on the area which is marked in YELLOW (Check the image above)

It now takes more effort to open the gate than earlier.

…And when you open the gate by holding on the area which is marked RED

It takes a Hell Lot of Effort to open the Gate

Do you agree?

If you don’t, then I suggest you try it practically, you’ll know it.

Now, coming to its relevance.

As you see, the objective was obvious:

and you did it in 3 ways.

The GREEN one required the least effort, while the RED one needed the most.

Now, the same applies to you.

Your objectives possibly are:

☑️ Grow your sales by 5X in the next 3 years

☑️ Improve your profits considerably.

☑️ Expanding your sales across multiple cities, states and countries

☑️ Recognition, fame & more...

What if.. you are relying on the RED area to achieve those objectives??

Think about it.

That's bad

What’s worse?

You have no clue which is the green, yellow and the red area of your work you’re currently relying upon to achieve your objectives

Pause for a moment and give it a thought.

Why put extra hard effort holding on to the RED area, when you can achieve your desired results with less effort by holding the GREEN area?

That's exactly what this book "A Salesperson's Honeymoon" shows you, how to locate the green area of you work to comfortably achieve your desired goals and dreams.

That is why...

"A Salesperson's Honeymoon" is a SHORTCUT

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This Book requires work dedication from your end, and if you aren't willing to put in the work then maybe you don't have a need to grow your sales or you know everything. This book is only for the people who have an apetite for Sales growth and love challenges.

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About the Author: Avinash Kunchurkar
  • Amazon's #3 Best Selling Author for "A Salesperson's Honeymoon"- 2019
  • ​Recognized Business Expert on MSMEx
  • ​Coached 3000 + Businesses 
  • ​Received Business Growth Award - 2019
  • ​​Invited to Speak on "How to Grow your Business even when the Competitor Dominates your market"
  • ​Invited to Speak on "Innovative Ways to Grow your Business" in Sri Lanka
  • Invited on Multiple Podcast
  • ​Received Innovative Business Growth Award
  • Running away with the love of my life and marrying her against our parents "religious and Society" Wishes (Does that Count as a Lifetime Award? 😀)
  • ​Currently Entrepreneur and a Business Owner of Multiple Group of Companies
  • ​Ex-Sales Professional of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Fortune 500 Company.
  • ​Featured on PRLOG
  • ​Featured on Medium
  • ​Featured on NotionPress
  • ​Discovered a Secret Sales Growth principle called "SalesMoonCurve" in 2012. After generating Multi-Million Dollars in Sales with its power in my own business, I shared the secret with the world through my book titled: "A Salesperson's Honeymoon".
  • ​Married at the age of 22. ( Yeah! Couldn't Wait )
  • ​Became a Father at the age of 25 ( No regrets! I Love my kids)
  • ​ Became an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner at the age of 26 (Hard Decision to quit the Corporate Ladder at the early stage of my life)
  • ​An Industrial & Production Engineer while being a Ethical Computer hacker with top-notch computer skills
"A Salesperson's Honeymoon" -  #3 Bestseller on Amazon
...and my book "A Salesperson's Honeymoon" was the only Top 5 Non-Fiction book to be tagged as:

That's more than enough about me. 

This book is about you and your growth journey.

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