in ways you never imagined before

Here's how you'll get
"unfair" business advantage with our programs

HERE'S how you get
"unfair" business advantage: WITH OUR PROGRAMS


Kick-Ass Cash Flow Mastery Event

  • Discover how to grow your business without the need for more cash.
  • Understand how to get 80% of your payments in advance from your clients, 
  • Discover how to get upto 35% of your investments quickly back in an year


Cash Flow Management Tools

  • Track and Forecast your Cash Flow Scenario at your Organisation
  •  Identify the Money Drainers in your Business
  •  Stop fire fighting month after month


Business MAPS Program (Signature Program)

(Business Mastery by Accelerating your Profits and Sales in No time)

  • Discover How to grow your sales even when your prices are higher than competition
  • Realize how you can make insane profits in your business even when sales grows marginally.
  •  Develop Business Finance Acumen to take the right decision in your business


Business Growth Accelerator

  • Discover how to grow your business by focusing on the 6 spokes of any Business
  • Understand why certain employees are holding you and your business back
  • Realise the Four Quadrant of a Business Growth and take steps to quickly grow your business


A Salesperson's Honeymoon (Book)

  • Discover how to 2X your Business
  • Understand how firing your clients can help you scale your business.
  • Discover how by working remarkably less, you can grow your sales faster
Hi, I am
Avinash Kunchurkar
  • Amazon's #3 Best Selling Author for "A Salesperson's Honeymoon"
  • ​Recognised as a Business Expert on MSMEx, MSMEPro & More
  • ​Trained more than 10,000+ Businesses
  • ​Received Highest Business Growth Award
  • ​​Invited to Speak on "How to Grow your Business even when the Competitor Dominates your market"
  • ​Invited to Speak on "Innovative Ways to Grow your Business" in Sri Lanka
  • Invited on Multiple Podcast
  • ​Received Innovative Business Growth Award
  • Running away with the love of my life and marrying her against our parents "religious and Society" Wishes (Does that Count as a Lifetime Award? 😀)
  • ​Currently Entrepreneur and a Business Owner of Multiple Group of Companies
  • ​Ex-Sales Professional of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Fortune 500 Company.
  • ​Featured on PRLOG
  • ​Featured on Medium
  • ​Featured on NotionPress & More (Google my Name!)
  • ​Discovered a Secret Sales Growth principle called "SalesMoonCurve" in 2012. After generating Multi-Million Dollars in Sales with its power in my own business, I shared the secret with the world through my book titled: "A Salesperson's Honeymoon".
  • ​Married at the age of 22. ( Yeah! Couldn't Wait )
  • ​Became a Father at the age of 25 ( No regrets! I Love my kids)
  • ​ Became an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner at the age of 26 (Hard Decision to quit the Corporate Ladder at the early stage of my life)
  • ​An Industrial & Production Engineer while being a Ethical Computer hacker with top-notch computer skills
"A Salesperson's Honeymoon" -  #3 Bestseller on Amazon
...and my book "A Salesperson's Honeymoon" was the only Top 5 Non-Fiction book to be tagged as:
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